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For those who have a turkey playing around on your outdoor space

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For those who have a turkey playing around on your outdoor space

For those who have a turkey playing around on your outdoor space

In the event your tata is actually speaking with both you and any term the guy calls you is actually budala. In the event your mother gives you vodka when your teething. Whether your tata whips you before the family come more than to have the birthday. Once you hang their clothes about backyard on the an outfit range even although you possess a hair dryer. Whenever you are a good restaurants on dining table with your household members and you also get in difficulties for speaking. You may have a go away from rakija followed closely by an excellent crna kafa and you may a pack off Malboro’s to own break fast. If for example the mothers would like to invite their Serbian loved ones when you look at the your residence In the event the parents just allow you to go to your Serbian friends’ domestic.

When you eat whatever chicken for supper along with your baba states the greasiest area ‘s the sweetest

Your parents constantly grumble on how the newest “matematika” you’re performing in school is too simple for babies your age. In the event that first thing you do after you enter a members of the family house, is stop your shoes, kiss their mother, and you will move its father’s hand In case your friends’ mothers talk to you adore they have been Your parents as well. Once you plead a buddy going back to Yugo to find your some kajmak Once you plead a friend time for Yugo to give you particular Serbian cigarettes After you fuck the fresh new table and break cups if you find yourself singing when you find yourself intoxicated. In case your dad threatens your which have a papuca In the event the father says “samo ako te zgrabim ja” Sipping a cooler mug away from liquid will get you ill When kidney beans is served and your father lets you know that you should call it “gospodin pasulj You are aware you’re Serb in the event the sweetheart / partner informs you “clipped bre” Once you step-on poop plus mother tells you you to definitely it’s an indication of chance otherwise money You know you will be an effective Serb when this list keeps growing and it’s delivering hard to change they!

The first genuine kiss are into the Kissing Kolo

Baba’s more fridge ‘s the straight back deck. You simply can’t actually contemplate birth new kolach up until step 1:00 am, due to the fact it’s bad luck to really make it people sooner than the early morning off slava. It’s 2:10 Are when you understand the brand new oven, hence deda merely “repaired”, won’t light. You understand you might be a great serb while you are twenty five, go on you possess, nonetheless sneak-up the staircase if you get house on six was. Your break up particular onions and garlic and then decide what you are going to lead to eating. You think the word “Dont make fun of so much, might cry” sounds practical The term “Sramota! You then become nostalgic to own ingesting and you will disease in front of the alcoholic drinks shop.

Your hear gusle therefore actually Adore it In the event your mother can also be cook a meal instead sugar, delicious chocolate, flour and you may oil, and she phone calls they ” the brand new embargo cake ” If you are sitting on your own room and paying attention to “narodnjake” In the event the mother and you can baba have to don 18 weight. When you have become named djubre at least one time into your life Your mother and father get peppers by the bushels You have got a gold chain having a good ‘pravoslavni krst’ on it . V., you are getting cancers. Truisms like “you don’t need to get a hold of a fool which have a good lantern” and “until you is decades 21 there is no need no more brains than just a turkey” was important for your requirements.

All male nearest and dearest regarding Old country keeps a beneficial about three big date development of beard, smell of onions and you can B. Egyptisk kvinner vs amerikanske kvinner O., and leave spit in your face once they kiss your. Social gatherings aren’t over instead of dissension as well as the airing of problems. You offer gifts once you been or take gift ideas when you hop out. You are liked the first ten years of your life, next treated for example a whole idiot if you don’t get married. When there is a knock-on the leading home along with your father asks: That is? When you?lso are BABA is criticizing your each time you say the expression “picture”! When you?re BABA doesn?t want to consume Pizza pie since it provides an awful identity. Ti Sunce’ No matter what the price is the Dad usually nonetheless state ‘kol’ko.

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